World's first university campus running entirely on wind energy video, pdf, BURES Web Site






Beach Nourishment: Engineering Design & Field Monitoring (Sponsored research at the Aegean Coast)




Environmental Monitoring Station (sponsored by Ministry of Development, operating since 2015) click for real-time observations






Hydraulic Storage for Zero-Net-Energy-Campus (MS Thesis in progress)






Galataport Marine Pollution Emergency Response Plan (Sponsored Research by Doğuş Holding and MEKE, 2016)






Marine Algae Farm (joint project with ESC in proposal stage)






Marine Traffic Monitoring and Risk Forecasting (PhD, 2017)






Subsurface Hydrology in Coastal Aquifers (joint research project with Dr.Nadim Copty (ESC) and Helmholtz Inst, 2013)





Sarıtepe Green Campus Masterplan and Landscape Architectural Design (by DS Architects, 2014)






Sustainable Water Cycle (ongoing MS research)





Urban Lab




Urban Lab (joint research infrastructure project with CE/IE/SOC, 2016)








Red Sea lagoon siltation and rehabilitation project (sponsored by Zetaş Arabia, 2014)